James Bansac

James Bansac was born in Lyon, in a family of artists: a grandfather working in silk manufacture and a father painter, all bearing the same name of an ancestral mixture of French and English.

An extraordinary career for this passionate of art and architecture: after studying in Lyon, he obtained in 1987 a scholarship to study in Atlanta in the United States, where he discovered the amazing villages in the woods of the Shaker communities of the East Coast of the United States.

This discovery will mark his life and forge what will be his trademark: a neo-functionalist, adept of horizontality, and tainted with anti-conformism.

In 1988 he created his studio in Lyon with the main vocation to democratize architecture to individual houses and give it back its nobility.

Among the architects who impacted him, Schindler and especially Frank Lloyd Wright who has his favor for his “Prairie Houses” developing horizontality and the idea of ​​a city blended in nature.

Always traveling with his sketchbook and watercolors, he will feed his inspiration of the diversity of places and meet the most famous architects for their simplicity, taste for detail and love of the individual house. Tom Kundig and Eric Cobb working on wood and steel in Seattle, Eric Joy and his “Desert Houses” in Phoenix, Kengo Kuma in Tokyo that delivers a Japanese reinterpretation of modernity.

These trips will nurture his creativity and allow him to develop an architecture respectful of landscapes and the environment and at the same time, audacious, innovative, and even subversive as James is in perpetual search for new ideas in a permanent rethinking.

The attraction of the Mediterranean Sea and heliotropism pushed him to create a second architecture studio in the South of France, near Saint-Tropez (La Croix-Valmer), to develop new projects magnifying the aesthetics of landscapes of Provence and the sea.

Consisting of a multidisciplinary team of passionate collaborators: designer, interior designer, landscape architect and construction managers, the James Bansac Studio is pleased to propose its services for all your architectural projects.

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